Despite the title of my blog, self-introductions are not easy for me. My attitude to meeting new people (and baking/cooking) is as follows:  1. keep it short 2. keep it sweet.

So, hello lovely person, my name is Meg!

I am not a fan of lengthy recipes or waiting centuries for my brownies to cool. I’m 21 going on 22 and don’t expect you to take me very seriously (in fact, I’d rather you don’t!)

I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan to American/Irish parents and currently live in Australia, so there’s that. I’ll be sharing recipes that veer on the side of healthy (aka no white sugar or flour, minimal ‘natural and healthier’ sugar sources such as brown rice syrup/honey/agave, not much oil, and rarely ever will I use eggs/butter). Whole grains and starches, legumes, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, are my go-to guys.

If you think anything (namely helpful criticism stuff) of my content please tell me so!! I am new to this, like big dewy-eyed baby new, so I will probably stumble a little. You’re pretty rad for reading this far. Have a super day and stay tuned for the good stuff!