First and Foremost…

self-introductions are not easy for me. my attitude to meeting new people (and cooking) is as follows:  1. keep it short 2. keep it sweet.

so, hello lovely person, my name is meg!

i am not a fan of whipping egg whites into peaks and waiting centuries for my brownies to cool and set. this is my first food blog. i’m 21 going on 22 and i don’t expect you to take me very seriously (in fact, i’d rather you don’t!) i grew up in taiwan to u.s./irish passport holding parents and i currently live in melbourne, australia. i’ll be sharing tasty, moderately healthy, recipes…. some of which may require you to cash in a bit of effort, but only for a worthwhile cause (i wouldn’t be making these things otherwise!!)

not everything will be dreamt up by me, so i will credit my influencers and inspiration when i should. if you think anything (ANYTHING… even helpful criticism stuff) of my content please tell me so!! i am new to this, like wide-eyed baby new, so i will stumble a little. you’re pretty rad for reading this far. have a super day and stay tuned for the good stuff! 😉

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